The universe pays back

The universe has its own way of getting back at you.

You should know that what you do today has an equal effect on what will happen to you tomorrow. What you plant will grow. What you reaped will be lost. And what you will lose will be replaced by another seed to plant again. It is a cycle.

Some would say it is vicious. And you have no choice but to partake in it. Imagine having to deal with losses, too many of them. Imagine having to experience pain for the sake of pain. Imagine the tragedy you have to go through over and over again. It is part of it. And you have no escape.

But with it being vicious makes it equally hopeful and great as well. A cup is emptied because it shall be filled again. A door is closed because a world outside your world awaits. A life is lost only because a birth is underway. Goodbyes equate to hellos. That’s what makes it hopeful because hope is never gone.

So when the bad times come, think that the good times will do, too. Because the universe has its own way of getting back at you.