Pretend Poetry at 2am

Slowly vanishing

Into branches

That aren’t 

My own

My roots

Are elsewhere

And today


The night

Comes fast

To me

I resist

But weak

I am


To persist

~ ktrnrcs


five points to CDO!

Easy five for Cagayan de Oro for having a quaint piano bar and a rustic teahouse in just one part of town. ❤️❤️❤️

D Sainte Piano Bar at San Agustin Street. For wine nights and maoy evenings. Also, wait up until 9pm for  some good love music! Not noisy, promise.

Ching Kee Tea is an ala Wonderland teahouse and more. There is ramen and burger at a very affordable price! 

Note to self

You will be the best version of yourself. Maybe not exactly like the vicious old you, full of spunk, not of fear. But still you will get there. Maybe not today, maybe not as fast, maybe not as easy. But in time, when all insecurity is gone, and when all fear is faced, and when all the regrets are forgotten, your battle will be fully won.

But for now, you fight, growing pains and all. Little by little, every day. But you fight. You get through your victories big or small. And you will get there. You will be fine. And you will get there.

My deepest prayer is that your faith does not ever run out.

While there are multiple of distractions in this world, I hope you find it in you the focus and determination to strive to love and to live according to Him.

You have been out of the line recently, looking for redemption at the most common yet ultimately wrong places. You went searching for it in people and achievements and riches and things of this world. But we all know, since time immemorial, that the only one who could give you the redemption you need is Him.

But you kept running away. Why?

I see. Because you have often felt that you aren’t ready yet, aren’t worthy yet, aren’t IT yet. You were a sinner, and despite attempts, you are a sinner still. You fell in the mud.

And you kept swimming there. You are dirty anyways. The rest of the world is in the same puddle of mud too, why bother getting out?

But you have to bother getting out. Because in you is a constant search for a redeeming moment. And as you know, nothing and no one can give it to you. Only the Redeemer.

So I hope you find it in you, the courage to pick yourself up from the dirt. Because you are capable. The strength to let go of the life that was, to welcome the life that is, and will always be.
I hope you find it in you, the strength to run towards Him who waits, perpetually, with arms wide open. He waits for you. No need to worry. 

Move now. Your 23 year old self sipping coffee at a high end third wave coffee shop, feeling unworthy and desperate and anxious and utter dislike over herslef, will be most proud and grateful.

Move now. He waits for you.

Prayer for Neo

My prayer is that we put the Lord in the center of our hearts. That when we love, we love like him. That His same love is reflected in all actions and decisions, regardless of what the physical world claims.

My prayer is that He allows us to chase our dreams, while still chasing each others’ heart. And ultimately, while choosing to follow His way this entire lifetime.

My prayer is that He allows me to keep you for as long as I could, to make you at your happiest, to love you with a love that makes you believe in the goodness of the world, and most especially the kind of love that byilds faith leading you/us closer to Him.

Hibalag like the old days

Three years have passed since my final walk at the halls of Silliman but seeing familiar faces makes me think as if not a single moment has gone by.

I guess it’s true that certain people, places and things make you act a certain way. When I saw my college friends, it was as if I was the same undergrad girl again — hyperactive, chill, full of life and laughter. I talked nonstop and laughed hard as usual. Seeing them makes me do these.

Silliman has been home, and it has brought my path with people who hold a special part in my heart. Being there again makes for so much lost inspiration. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

Via Veritas Vita.