Be kind to yourself. You don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to. It’s okay to say no, even to people and things who matter, especially when you are not ready. It’s okay to yes, and end up failing, if failing is what it takes to make you better. It’s okay to plan, and not follow your plans, and get lost, and wonder when you’d find your way again. Whisper to yourself, while on the desk of an office cubicle you hate, while having a dry piece of chicken for dinner the 4th time in a row, alone, at a fast food joint, while staying awake at 2am thinking of where life has gone and where your seventeen year old self has gone – whisper “it’s okay. it’s okay. it’s okay.”


To be with your adventure partner means these:

That you are with someone who completely gets you when you feel that irresistible urge to go out…to anywhere, just because;

That you are not restricted but instead encouraged and trusted to make new friends…because in the end, you find nothing but excitement to share these experiences with each other;

That you are assured that someone has your back when the trail is too long and difficult, or the pack is too heavy to carry, or the weather is too bad to be out. He can pass you that jelly ace on the hike to get by. He can be your instant porter. And he can dance under the rain with you too;

That despite the missed bus stops, the lost travel gears, the bad weather, someone is there to shake and laugh it all off. Because he, too, understands that these little details make up for the big adventure that you both share;

That you can disagree on itineraries and budget and transportation, and end up agreeing anyways to let go of plans and be as spontaneous as you could be;

That after every good surfing wave, or beautiful sunrise, or picturesque blanket of stars, the best memory is the one with you in it. And he will look at you with eyes that speak like you are more beautiful than that perfect swell, or that orange sunrise or that star-filled sky. You are the most beautiful of all, and he will make you feel it.

And most importantly, to be with your adventure partner means to be in love with someone who loves life and sees the beauty of its entirety the same way you do.