Cue in: Post Malone’s Congratulations

Kuya has always been fond of  machines. When we were little, he would try to fix our old appliances like fans, radios, and electrical wirings, and tinker on other stuff he can find in our house. What he can not make up for words, he does for service. He was our self made man.

It has always been a dream of his to have a job that allows him to work on machines. It was a bonus that this job, too, puts him near to his other fascination: airplanes.

His road towards finally graduating from one of the most prestigious training programs for aircraft mechanics in the Philippines was a difficult one. But it was something he willingly took.

We have never seen him that determined his entire life — studying until the wee hours to finish reading his handouts, and even actively doing some group reviews to make sure they all pass the exams. Truly, the things we are most passionate about push us to take the sacrifices we never thought we would.

And I know kuya is happy. His childhood dream is now a reality, not everyone can say that.

Kuya’s second home: Hangar at Singapore Airlines Engineering Philippines (SIAEP)


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