You have to always remind yourself to be grateful. Because so many bad things can happen in a day, but there will be a multitude of good ones that would go unnoticed.

I get it, you are human and you are bound to feel a wee bit negative from time to time, but don’t let it eat you up. Don’t dwell on these feelings too much. Don’t see the rain when you have no umbrella with you, think of the smell of the earth that reminds you of home. Think of the plants it has watered to grow. Think of the cold breeze that comes with it. Think of when you were a kid and you danced and played under it. The rain can’t be all that bad right?

They say that you have to affirm the good in the world so you can het to appreciate what you have. 

This is what I always remind myself these days. That sometimes, it’s onlymy perspective  that’s bad. But the bigger image of the reality isn’t.

It’s a wonderful, wonderful world. ❤️


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