My favorite boxing fight to date was the Pac-Mayweather bout. Not because of the strong media attention it got, but because of the events which happened to Greenette and I before ~finally~ watching the match.
After a spontaneous trip to Batangas, and I emphasize spontaneous because this is where we had to beg a small resort to let us stay for only 500php for the night since we had no money left, Green and I left for Manila early in the morning eager to look for any place for a pay per view. By any place, I meant stepping out of the bus in Cubao to scout for a gym, a carenderia, a mall for a screen showing the fight…to no avail. We found ourselves in the lobby of a motel which promised a pay per view per room, given a two hour stay. But we were graced by the presence of too many couples, with priority numbers in their hands, staring at us with a big smile on their faces. We headed out with a little sigh.
And at last, after another walk, we finally found a space for us — the general admission of Araneta Coliseum — standing at the farthest box, amongst the company of huge gentlemen with arms like boxers themselves, yet there we were shouting and commenting louder than any of them. 
We were both happy and tired but mostly happy to be able to watch the fight. We went home with disappointment on the results, but I would just mostly remember the mishaps and the triumph of scouting for that pay per view.
This post isn’t really about the boxing fight, although it sure shows how eager we were that day. This post about all the mishaps and triumphs that happen when we do things for the things that we wabt to happen. This post is also about the people who share that mix of misfortune and fortune with us, all the while with a smile on their face.


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