The past few moments have been very difficult. But slowly, this little woman is making herself better. Slowly and slowly, but at least progress is there.

I’ve recently deactivated my social media accounts. But it will only take a matter of time before I will be found again, here, in my humble and secret abode. Before that happens, let me dwell here. Let me write down the words straight from my mouth. How I have been fine and not fine, how I have truly been.

So hello there, existent entity or not. Hello to your soul, happy or otherwise. Let it be known that while I am not okay, little by little I will be. Today, despite all that it is, is so much better than yesterday.

I made more jokes. I gave more (genuine) smiles. I had less negative thoughts. But most importantly, I didn’t cry.

Tap my back, if you’d please. Tap my back. Give me a hug. Tight hug.

Tomorrow, I will even be better than the better that I am today.

For now, let me publish this.

Worry not for me.



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