Uli” is such a beautifully sad word.

Uli is a cebuano word, a verb, which means to go home.

If it refers to a thing, it can also mean to return to the owner. Thus, you are referring to an object that was borrowed.

In my conversations with my friends away from home, I often catch myself pausing before saying “muuli na ko“. Because what I actually mean is I am going, not to my home “home” but to my apartment, boarding house, room, wherever I am staying at that time. So in this sense, the word isn’t exactly correct. But for the lack of another term, I use it anyways.

But I guess it can also mean I am returning to a time and place that is only borrowed. I don’t own it, it doesn’t own me too. Iuli ra ni nako, iuli ra pud ko ani.

Thoughts, because di pako muuli but every time I think of these words, it reminds me of so many temporary places I could only thank. But mostly, it creates an image in my mind of what and who I truly think of when I think of home.

Beautiful. Sad. 


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