Let’s get lazy in Laiya, Batangas!

Vacay for less than a thousand? Yes, it’s possible!

Baynte Something

by Katrin Arcala

Despite having the much-awaited “MEGA FIGHT” of the century the next day, my friend and I decided to have our equally much-awaited rest for the week. Without any planned itinerary and resort reservations, we impulsively hopped on a bus and went on a weekend trip to escape the never-ending city noise of Manila.

Long weekends are like presents to professionals, particularly to those living in the city. It is the only chance to move out from the concrete jungle and experience the ambiance of a paradise nearby.

Some people spend luxuriously for their travels while others make ‘travelling’ the luxury itself. In Laiya, Batangas, you can get this luxury in less than a thousand pesos and not more than a four-hour ride.

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