18 Little Ways To Stop Being Unnecessarily Unkind To Yourself

Thought Catalog

1. Stop assuming that only perfect lives can be extraordinary. Nobody who did anything worthwhile had a perfect life. “Perfection,” however you perceive it, is a dull pursuit, one that’s always going to be out of reach. And reaching isn’t going to make you invulnerable — the greatest vulnerability is pretending you don’t have any weaknesses at all.

2. Imagining and preparing for the worst possible outcome will not prevent it from happening. Beating someone to the chase in thinking up every last terrible thing about yourself doesn’t theoretically make them believe it less — it just makes you believe it the most.

3. Every time you find yourself sinking over the fact that you just can’t seem to get over someone, imagine the person who came before whom you also swore you wouldn’t get over. Focus on how irrelevant that situation feels, and start taking comfort in the fact that whatever you’re…

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